Kukkiwon International Examiners Course

Attended first class examiner course courtesy of Kukkiwon. Only 19 1st class candidates including Gm Park So Nam(Germany),Gm Ko(Denmark),Gm Lee(France),several from the U.S.A,Gm Tony Wong,Gm Lee(Malaysia) Gm Moshe(Austria),Turkey,Australia,Mexico and...

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Kukkiwon Examiners Course – Korea

The Kukkiwon Examiners Course Korea. With President Gm Jeong Man Soon proud to say I knew him before he became President. From the left. Masters Keith Evans, Andy Brown, Yousef Dildar, Aftab Hussain, Kukkiwon President Gm Jeong Man Soon, Gm TK Loh, Master...

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